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  Saturday at noon, we welcome you at the harbour in Den Oever. After you have settled into your cabin the captain will give you some details about the ship and inform you about the safety-rules on board and the sailing program. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and a sandwich we then set course for the island of Texel where we arrive at about 3 pm at the fishing port of Oudeschild. At the harbour you'll find your bicycles, with which you can start discovering your surroundings straightaway. Den Burg, the 'capital' of Texel with its innumerable cafes, bars and restaurants is only 4 km away. You will also find a good selection of restaurants in Oudeschild itself. After breakfast on Sunday morning you will have the opportunity to further explore the island.

More info on Den Oever and Texel
Texel Beachpavillon Paal 9 (Click to enlarge)
Texel: capital  Den Burg (Click to enlarge)

Sunday / Monday

  Depending on weather and tide we'll fill in the rest of the sailing program. The target for Monday - or already on Sunday evening, depending on the tide - is in principle the island of Terschelling, where, after a five/six hour trip, we'll moor in the village of West, which has kept most of its old charms and architecture.

More info on Terschelling
Terschelling: Torenstreet with lighthouse Brandaris (Click to enlarge)


  On Tuesday we'll be going to the island of Ameland, but under (very) favourable conditions Schiermonnikoog could be in reach instead. It will be a trip through the many channels and trenches of the Wadden Sea, and we're pretty sure to meet some seals on the sandbanks between the islands.

More info on Ameland
Seals at the Blauwe Balg near Ameland (click to enlarge)

Wednesday / Thursday

  On Wednesday or Thursday we 'set sail' for our final destination: the island of Vlieland. Vlieland is an island of unspoilt nature. Cars are only allowed to inhabitants. The (only) village Oost, is five minutes by bike from the marina and can be described as an oasis of peace, except when the ferry leaves or arrives. In the main street ('Dorpsstraat') you'll find plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.. The immense beach starts directly next to the marina and stretches all along the North Sea shore to nature reserve De Vliehors.

More info on Vlieland
Vlieland: view on Wadden Sea from the lighthouse (Click to enlarge)


  Before we will return in Den Oever on Friday afternoon we hope we'll have experienced some other attractions the Wadden Sea has to offer: falling dry on one of the many shoals to look for oysters or cockles, put up the sails on one of the crossings and, maybe, even reach Schiermonnikoog under extreem positive conditions. All of course depending on weather and tide.
We'll do our utmost to offer you a cocktail of culture and nature. The Wadden Sea has it all!
Panta Rhei fallen dry under Vlieland (Click to enlarge)


Video impression Wadfietsen trip Summer 2009 by Niels Schonewille