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Holland Cruise: Island Hopping Wadden Sea

Sailing, cycling, freedom, nature ...and a touch of adventure

A 7-days sailing/cycling cruise along the Dutch Wadden islands. A unique cocktail of nature, culture and relaxation. Discover the West Frisian islands Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog in an unforgettable way.


  You'll be transported along the islands in a very comfortable two-master or intimate 'sea-tjalk'. Although the islands seem deceptively close to each other, sailing time between Texel and Vlieland or between Terschelling and Ameland takes at least five to six hours. It's one of the unique characteristics of the Wadden Sea: eighty percent of it falls (almost) dry at low tide, which means the islands can only be reached by specific seaways.
Panta Rhei with full sails (Click to enlarge)


  The Wadden Islands have more than 300 km real cycle tracks at your disposal - the 'normal', usually limited traffic, roads not even included. This network is still being increased and renewed every year. Which means that even on the island with the smallest amount of cycle paths (Vlieland) during high season you may cycle for miles without encountering anybody.  
Overlooking the Wad (Click to enlarge)


  After wake up you start with an elaborate typically Dutch breakfast-buffet, you can then prepare your own lunch pack and after that the choice is yours: cycling to the beach or one of those breathtaking nature reserves. It's completely up to you. That's why we don't serve dinner. When in the evening you're watching the sunset from beachpavillion 'Paal 9' on Texel with a chilled glass of rosé in your hand, you don't want to check your watch every five minutes because dinner is being served at 7 pm sharp. Our advice would be: ask for the Paal 9-menu and relish your view until the sun has completely gone down.  
Freedom: beach, nature or culture (Click to enlarge)


  A lot of people think: "If you've seen one island, you've seen them all." A huge misunderstanding. You really can't compare the 'Het Oerd' nature reserve on Ameland with 'De Vliehors'
on Vlieland and 'De Boschplaat' on Terschelling. Or the
unique sweet/salt water vegetation in 'De Slufter' on Texel.
Not to mention the unprecendented variety of (migrating) birds in the Wadden Sea. All the islands have their own, authentic atmosphere. You'll see for yourself.
Alone and one with nature (Click to enlarge)

...and a touch of adventure:

  We’re talking about the Wadden Islands. Which are of course in the Wadden Sea. With all its tides and tempers, that can considerably frustrate a direct line from island A to island B.
Or even make it a mission impossible. We don’t offer you a sailing vacation, but a relaxing discovery-voyage along the islands. That’s why we try to navigate you in the most comfortable and efficient way - sailing or mechanical (whichever goes faster)- from island to island. Depending on the tide we can be forced to make a detour or go to another island, rather than the one that we initially had in mind. So we can’t give you a fixed plan of your route, but we do give you
the guarantee that we’ll try to let you visit at least four out of the
five Dutch Wadden Islands. And of course that on the last day
you’ll return to your point of departure.
Panta Rhei in action! (Click to enlarge)
Adventure: experiencing the elements! (Click to enlarge)

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