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Through the years the development of tourism on the island of Ameland, so an island initiate stated, is comparable with what social housing meant for the Dutch housing department: the people who could afford it went to Texel or Terschelling, the less fortunate to Ameland. It's still visible in the infrastructure: few flashy hotels and resorts, but many campsites and into camping farms converted barns. And, on sunny summer days, an invasion of daytrippers from the main land for a day at the beach.
The island has one unique selling point though: a sky so blue and clouds so white, Vincent van Gogh would undoubtedly have given his other ear to paint it.

  Ameland: Fantastic skies (click to enlarge)
Ameland: Campsite Duinoord (click to enlarge)

Ameland arrivals

Spoilt as we are on the islands of Texel and Terschelling where we just had to cross the street to get a drink or a meal, Ameland is a different piece of cake. The marina is located next to the ferry port, the only spot on the island where it's possible to get ashore. Provided the ship hasn't too much depth or it gets stuck in the sand. To the left and the right of the port the Wadden Sea falls completely dry (enlarge Google pic. right).
The village of Nes, the touristic and geographical center of Ameland, is at a little over 1 km walking distance. But we don't have to walk as the bicycle rental is located right next to the marina.


Grotere kaart weergeven

Where the action is

Wining, dining, going out, all the major action is concentrated in the village of Nes. Good entertaiment (without the usual disco-noise by the way), tasty pub-food and fine restaurants. Enough choice for every budget and more affordable than on the other islands.

  Ameland: Village of Nes, capital of Ameland (click to enlarge)

Cycling on Ameland

Ameland: cycle map of Ameland (click to enlarge)

Ameland is very simply structured in all respects and that goes for cycling as well. Starting westbound and returning eastbound or the other way around? Along the south side of the island first and along the north side back or the opposite way?

Nicest route (at low tide): cycle westwards along the waddenside to the Ballumer Bocht, take a shortcut to Ballum and have lunch at the Nobel restaurant, next through the polder to the lighthouse near Hollum and finally back to Nes via the cycle path through the dunes.

  Ameland: Restaurant Nobel in Ballum (click to enlarge)
Ameland: View from the lighthouse (click to enlarge)

Nature reserves on Ameland

The Oerd and the Hon are the two wonderful nature reserves of Ameland east of the village of Buren. Closed just like the Boschplaat on Terschelling from April till mid August because of the breeding season but not all the way: pedestrians can choose between two marked footpaths (green and orange) which are open all year through.

  Ameland: nature reserve 't Oerd (click to enlarge)